English Mastiff Puppies

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Huge English Mastiffs

We have the top six best bloodlines in the world. Best genetics and superior nutrition.

We searched world wide and spared no cost to find the absolute best stock to breed large, intelligent, healthy, English Mastiffs with wise temperament and championship features to achieve the AKC standard and to further enhance, improve and solidify the breed which resulted in a batch of incredible companions for anyone or any family that has the ability to maintain a home for such a glorious creature.

Our goal is to raise the best English Mastiff in the world.

Mastiffs Are Perfect Security Dogs

Our females are around 175 pounds and the males could top 250. They are wise, calm and confident. They seldom bark, but when they do, all living things take notice.

If a stranger comes around, they will get between the stranger and their master and scrutinize the stranger’s behavior while monitoring your reaction of their arrival. The Mastiff is calm but formidable and they just stare them down. Who in the world would challenge such an animal? Peace through strength should be their motto (and unintentional intimidation).

So, if you want a real dog, you have time to love and your budget can withstand approximately $50.00 a week (food and vet expenses), you will do fine with a mastiff. All mastiffs want to do is eat, lie around, be petted and hang out with you.


John, I just wanted to let you know that we named the pup KILO. He is doing great! He has slept in his crate every night with no problems and is adjusting real well. We just had him at our vet for a checkup and he is a vet for the WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW and very familiar with the English Mastiff dog breed. To quote him he said that "KILO is not just a cute mastiff pup or nice looking pup but that he was spectacular". We will keep in touch and let you know how KILO is progressing. - John (N.Y. Fire Department)

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