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English Mastiffs for Sale

About us

Smokey, vicki and crew

We have an English Mastiff rescue where we find these majestic creatures that are down on their luck and we take time and love to nature them back to health. Most we find homes for but some are just too traumatized to move again so they live out their life in peace here in the woods of southern Indiana.

We have feed only the absolute best food available. Good genetics and good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy English Mastiff. Just ask our Great Grandmother, Layla, who is 12 years old and still plays like a puppy. 

We breed for health and conformation. All of our lines have been selectively bred for decades and in some case centuries. These are English Mastiff enthusiasts that have given their lives to this endeavor. 

We don't focus on size, we focus on health but ours are very large. Extra large. Our boys are around 250# and they are lean muscle. Tank reached 250 and you could see his last two ribs. We have other monster boys over 260#. One of our girls that now lives in Arizona is 243#. We never let them get fat and you should not let yours get overweight. 

So expect girls average 180-220# and boys 230-260#. These are very large creatures.

All have the big box heads, black masks, massive size and great temperament. They are all extra large and are nothing but muscle. No one would know they are the sweetest animals alive. Unless you threaten their family. 

When they sense a threat or an unknown person, they get in between the threat and you. They don't usually bark much but they stop wagging their tail, the hair starts to raise on their back and they stare the threat down until you say it is "ok" and then they go over and wag their tail and want to get scratched by the stranger. 

​Formidable deterrent for the bad guys. Peace through strength.

Most insurance companies prefer these magnificent creatures to other "guard" breeds because they do not have a propensity to bite. English Mastiffs cannot be trained as "attack" dogs. That is why some cross bred other types of dogs with them so they would have military characteristics. 

We think they are the perfect family member that doubles as one of the most effective deterrents to crime and great protection for your loved ones.